Independent Escort & demimonde

Now I come before you,

moving through this tomb of vapor and perfume and fog-filled rooms

Willkommen, and bienvenue, welcome!

How can you celebrate the infamous inedecency of a big city in the 21st century? The so-called loose morality surrounds a fantastic and seductive history. It teaches us to live out physical and pleasurable decadence. Independent escort is a modern understanding of sexual freedom and surrender. It means lust, it means consensus, and it encompasses the sheer immeasurable amplitudes of human desire. Time spent tenderly together, shared hours of mental and physical pleasures, exploring a fetish, discovering a kink or living out a perversion, whether in Leipzig or Vienna, Berlin or Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich or a city of your choice.

Let's meet

You won't find a long list of scene-specific abbreviations behind which a catalog of services is hidden. My escort service creates a setting that is not based on a previously discussed script. Everything you should know about our appointment you'll find here.