Independent Escort & demimonde

Now I come before you,

moving through this tomb of vapor and perfume and fog-filled rooms


Willkommen, and bienvenue, welcome! Fremder, étranger, stranger!

My name is Tamara Solidor.


Hedonism, inner uproar, secret obsessions - terms that seem to be surfacing from a time long ago, but whos patina only seems to let them shine more desirable. It is my profession to fill those words with shimmering life. Can we still live the delights of physical and lustful decadence in our times? I want to celebrate the famous immoralities, that originated in those big, vast cities. I want to celebrate them in an interpretation of the 21st century, in honour of the fantastic and seductive history of loose morality.

Where do we meet, what do you expect from me, what do I expect from you? The possibilities seem almost endless - but for now, we have to make decisions. I only offer Outcall, preferably we meet in your hotel room or apartment, whether in Leipzig or Vienna, Berlin or Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich or a city of your choice. You will not find a long list of scene-specific abbreviations for my escort service. My professional service creates a unique ambience and setting that is not based on a previously discussed script. Everything you should know about our appointment you'll find here.